Birmingham’s soul just got bigger

Almost two years ago I wrote a blog about the UK’s only Northern Soul and Motown club opening in Birmingham, the response was insane, thousands logged onto my random little website and read, then shared the article. That venue was The Night Owl in Digbeth, and I became the head of Events & PR.

A wonderful idea from the brain of co-owner Richard Priest. But it soon became apparent that there were people from other subcultures that needed somewhere to go, mods, ska fans, Britpop, disco and funk fans etc. and The Night Owl broadened it’s music and programme of events, always retaining a regular purist Northern Soul night.

Everyone loves the atmosphere, decor and music at The Night Owl, but one complaint was common, that it’s not big enough for a really big soul night, the kind that made Northern Soul famous in the 70’s, like Wigan Casino and Blackpool Mecca.

So, when the opportunity came to take what The Night Owl does to a massive venue, a beautiful listed building no less, with a giant wooden floor perfect for dancing, there was no hesitation.

The result, ‘The Big Birmingham Soul Night‘, to be held at Birmingham Town Hall on Saturday 15th April. With tickets already flying out it seems that this is what local soul fans have been waiting for. Further details of the event (and tickets) can be found here.

To promote and celebrate the event there will be a Northern Soul flash mob in the lead up, details on a need-to-know basis, if you are a Northern Soul dancer based in Birmingham or prepared to travel, and would like to get involved email me


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