Lunar Festival: Friday Lowdown

Last year I was bowled over by the amazing atmosphere at Lunar Festival, you can read me ramble on about it in my review here. This year I’m delighted to be back again, and this time Chicks Dig Jerks (my DJ crew) are even on the poster! Well, the eflyer at least. We’re pretty excited. The line-up looks even better than last year so I thought I’d better make a bit of a plan of action.

Lunar 2015

Friday’s line-up is so so good,sweet Jesus, we’re so excited to be a part of it!

There are so many amazing acts! World music grammy award winners Tinariwen head up the day, if you can’t place who they are or aren’t sure what they’re like (yes it’s ok to admit it, I’ve seen the scrunched up faces), have a listen to this bad boy, perfect for hippy summer vibes. They headlined Moseley Folk Festival a few years back and were a perfect festival band.

Also playing are one of my all time favourites the constantly evolving The Fall fronted by the quite frankly volatile enigma that is Mark E Smith. Here is one of my favourite Fall tunes (that they probably won’t play) to get you in the mood..

Of course you probably know about those guys already. Strangely I only recently realised that the amazing Goblin are playing!!! As a once fanatical horror fan this is a rare treat and it’s been years since they’ve played in the area. Anyone who used to read the Chicks Dig Jerks fanzine will remember we did a feature on Goblin in one of the early issues around 2003/2004.

You think I'm weird? Check out the soundtrack!
You think I’m weird? Check out the soundtrack!

Front man Claudio Simonetti is the peculiar genius behind the musical scores to so many classic horror films. Films such as Romero’s classic Dawn Of The Dead and many Argento films such as Suspiria, Deep Red (Profondo Rosso) and Tenebrae.

Goblin are wonderfully nuts, creepy and atmospheric at times, progressive and frantic at others.

This is what they looked like in the 70s, you’d expect them to look a hell of a lot weirder!

Goblin 70s

Everyone bangs on about Supspiria’s score, and it is pretty badass, but let’s not forget Tenebrae‘s, I think Justice were fans of this..

To be honest every act playing is one that I’d recommend checking out, but the atmospheric Hoopla Blue might be one you haven’t heard of. Check out their tunes on their soundcloud here.

If you like having fun and fancy something a bit different (well it’s all different at Lunar, but you know, different to the other different), then you need to check out Swingamajig’s Speakeasy.

Swingamajig is an annual festival celebrating electro swing, gypsy folk and vintage mayhem, I was lucky enough to be part of the promotions team this year and attended their festival for the first time in May. I knew it was going to be good, but I’d really underestimated just what an incredible experience it would be.

Electric Swing Circus

Swingamajig host the Bimble Inn on Friday, featuring live performances from the sensational Electric Swing Circus, Bart & Baker, C@ in the H@, DJ Jitterbug and Chris Tofu and I strongly recommend getting involved.

There are too many great acts to pick favourites, so I’ve just highlighted the ones I’ve seen before and know for a fact are worth a watch, but you should check out the full run-down here.

Some friends of mine have told me that I simply MUST see Zombies-esque garage rockers Allah Las, I think you should too.

You can buy your Lunar Festival tickets here, and check out the sensational line-ups for Saturday and Sunday too.

Of course I’m biased as we’re DJing Friday (12-3pm if you fancy checking out our set), but will be soaking up the fantastic festival vibes all weekend.

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