It’s a Rave Dave

Do you yearn for the days of glow sticks and neon face paint? The days of wearing shades to night clubs, sporting Toni & Guy haircuts and deliberately mis-matched clothes?

Chicks Dig Jerks

No? But what about the music? The music was pretty bloody fantastic wasn’t it? I’m talking about the 00’s nu rave and electro scene. About a year ago I was looking back through some old records and came to the realisation that the music really was as good as I remembered, it wasn’t just nostalgia, these tunes are still bangers, and I would like somewhere to dance to them. It didn’t seem right to resurrect one of my old club brands from those hazy days,  as that brings expectations of who will be there and what will happen, I wanted something that was just about the music and having a great time.

So House of Jealous Lovers was born, a brand new club night, launching at The Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath last Boxing Day, this sold out on the night as did our follow up in April.

Delighted to be trying out our first day rave this Saturday at The Old Crown in Digbeth, tickets are free and we have almost 300 people registered to attend! Special guest DJ’s Ollie & Lucie play alongside residents Wayne Lango, Richard Buckley and myself.

The Old Crown Beer Garden

If you want a taste of what this fun-time music is or a reminder if you were there, you can listen to our playlists:

July 2017

April 2017

December 2017


Oh and we did like the clothes really! ;)

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