B-Town Hits The G-Spot – Girls Shake Up Birmingham’s Boys Club

Girls Shake Up B-Town’s Boys Club

The past few years there has been a real buzz around the Birmingham music scene dubbed the ‘B-Town’ scene, with some fantastic bands emerging such as Troumaca, Peace, Swim Deep and Jaws. As proud as that makes many a fellow Brummie, there’s just one thing has been lacking, the ladies, that is until now.

All About The Bass

The first lady to appear on the scene, Emily Baker, bassist with NME award-nominated indie-pop outfit Superfood.


She may not be a front-woman but this crowd-surfing, super-cool and stylish lady has given teenage girls in Birmingham a role model who shows you don’t need to be gyrating, being submissive or having your lady lumps hanging out to be a girl on stage. She’s just a bass player plain & simple and that’s the way it should be. See/hear Superfood here

But Emily isn’t the only girl on the scene, these ladies are really starting to get noticed.

Anna Palmer (Dorcha / Elephantine)

Anna Palmer is quite possibly Birmingham’s most prolific composer, writer and performer.

Photo by Drw Images
Photo by Drw Images

In her final year at Birmingham Conservatoire, Anna is a multi-instrumentalist, a powerful vocalist, and at any one time a member in at least two bands. Anna is also an active feminist who has not only given a TED talk, but also, along with friend Holly Andrews, runs an all-female arts and music collaborative ‘Alto‘ raising money for the local Women’s Aid charity.

“Providing a platform for women to showcase their art, promote their business and meet like-minded people. An event about celebrating women – not excluding men. If you believe in equality, we believe in you.”


Anna’s new band Dorcha already have a buzz about them with eagerly awaited debut album ‘Black Streams’ about to hit and a launch party planned on April 21st which promises not only a band of synths, strings, rhythm section, electronics and more, but also a visual experience to enhance the audiences understanding of the album and it’s themes.

With Anna’s track record of budding musical genius it’s no wonder that everyone is poised and ready to lap up her latest offering.

Kaila Whyte (Youth Man)

Kaila Whyte is the enigmatic front woman of Birmingham noise-punk trio Youth Man.

Youth Man

There’s no band in town that can rival these guys in terms of ferociously chaotic live performances, and whilst every member of the band is key to their distorted raw energy, Kaila is the focal point. She seems to channel the spirit of Poly Styrene and Karen O, so wild and unruly she mesmerizes the crowd. This is what a front-woman should be, and with Youth Man‘s reputation spreading the music industry has already picked up on their potential, big things are coming, and rightly so. Catch them live next here

Maria Rodriguez (MeMe Detroit)

Maria has been singing and playing for years, but its her new alter-ego, MeMe Detroit that’s really starting to make waves.

meme 2

After having slogged her way through the bar and pub scene over the past few years things are finally beginning to click. Perhaps because MeMe has something that is bandied about a lot these days, she’s got the voice, I mean really, this girl can SING.

With comparisons to the likes of PJ Harvey and Babes In Toyland and with her new material attracting fans that include members of Stereophonics and Dillinger Escape Plan, it looks like things are starting to pay off for this hard-working lady. Pre-order her new album here now.

MeMe Detroit – “Live to love you’ll love to live” Debut album trailer from MeMe Detroit on Vimeo.

Tasha Jones (Jump The Shark)

Here the words ‘female drummer’ and people often think twice, but ‘female singing drummer’!? Well surely that can’t work? Wrong, oh so wrong. In fact 18-year-old Tasha Jones can give any drummer or vocalist a run for their money, and why wouldn’t she?

Photo by Jonathan Morgan (Counteract Magazine)
Photo by Jonathan Morgan (Counteract Magazine)

Jump The Shark are four talented young musicians from Wolverhampton who play poppy psychedelic indie. They have recently begun to cause a stir on the Birmingham gig circuit.

Not to mention that they recently won a BRIT award for their song ‘There’s Always One‘ in the midst of studying for their A-Levels, not bad eh?


Front-woman bringing up the rear Tasha Jones not only sings, plays drums brilliantly and looks fantastic but she’s also got the brains, an A* student studying Mathematics and Physics with aspirations of getting into Engineering if her music career doesn’t take off. Although each band member contributes equally, it’s often Tasha who catches the eye of the press.

“Her drumming is tight and precise but not simplistic, while her voice has just the right balance of attitude and sweetness to get across the spirit that lies beneath the surface of the band.” Native Monster

See for yourself at their next live show here

There are many more girls starting to make an impact on the buzzing Birmingham music scene, these ladies are just a small selection that are making waves. Go out watch their shows, buy their music, let’s celebrate the women who are doing their thing and doing it well.


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  1. Two more that spring to mind straight away are Poppy Twist (Table Scraps) and Meesha Fones (Victor, Female Smell, Fauxchisels). A little further afield there’s also the kick-ass Kidderminster band Vault Of Eagles, fronted by sisters Mari & Hetty Randle.


  2. There’s something really pleasing about seeing a kick-ass female drummer, dispelling the Caroline Corr stereotype. Boat To Row is another example on the local scene. And I saw bands called Pins and Bad Grammar last year, both from Manchester I think.


  3. Love it at the night owl, you have all done an excellent job, well done.xx


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