Passions Of The Day

I have many interests and passions, so for me to have a blog that was purely business would be quite frankly, not me. Being passionate and creative make for innovative ideas. No one tells you to think INSIDE the box, right?

I’ve always been of the mindset that it doesn’t matter what you are passionate about (within the bounds of the law & decency of course!); as long as you are passionate about something, as long as you care about something. It could be anything from a charity to trainspotting, dog walking, death metal, Dutch animation, acid house, word searches, bird-watching, salsa dancing, Irish poetry – as long as something really floats your boat, then in my mind, you’ve got soul, and if you’ve got soul, you’ve got passion.

I am lucky enough to be passionate about my work, part of which is writing, so at least once a week I’m going to tell you about my passions of the day. Call it my open diary of inspiration. These could be work-related, or be personal things I’m feeling, reading, listening to, loving, hating, taking a real interest in and so on..

I’d love to hear about your passions too.

Passions of the Day: 09/01/15


A man holds a placard which reads "I am Charlie" to pay tribute during a gathering at the Place de la Republique in Paris

Something that has been troubling me greatly has been the recent acts of terrorism, there have been too many times in the past few months that watching the news or reading the paper has brought me to tears and made me feel helpless. My mind has been reeling with ideas of what we could possibly do, but more of that another time. I will however, touch on the subject of prejudice as it is in the forefront of my mind.

Equality is something that I am fiercely passionate about. Prejudice is something that sickens me. Anti-Islamic sentiments are rising, and it breaks my heart to see people that I count as friends/former colleagues posting racist sweeping statements online in the wake of the Paris shootings. Surely everyone knows the strategy of divide & conquer?

These are frightening times and our unity and acceptance are the best weapons we have.



If you see me on the bus, or in a cafe, and I don’t look up, that’s because my nose is well and truly stuck in an exciting rock n roll novel set in Birmingham, ‘27‘ by Ryan Davis.

It’s obvious the author knows the city well, it’s set just before the millennium and I feel transported back to that time. The featured band ‘The Tyrants’ remind me of mixture of a few Brummie near-do-wells, King Adora, Menswear and so on. Lead singer Jimmy fails his attempt at suicide and is forced to go into hiding. I’m looking forward to what I’m hoping is his triumphant return to the limelight! Shh don’t tell me ;)

27 is easy to get into and perfect entertainment for boring bus journeys. Available from Amazon here if you fancy!


Listening to my daily fix of Radio 6 Music, a song by Mourn catches my ear, initially I mistook the vocal for that of Siouxsie Sioux, then I noticed a Spanish twang and realise it isn’t, amazingly I still like it!  There have been many copy-cats, there’s only one Siousxie (pictured below) but this song is growing on me.


I like this one too, a little more PJ Harvey


So what are your passions of the day?

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